Coming Soon!

 We’re about to sign the lease and everything’s going grand. Once June is about to come to a close, you can find all of your summer necessities at House of Stella’s grand opening. There will be food, music, and of course clothes and furniture.


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11 responses to “Coming Soon!

  1. MM

    You go girls!! LOVE the clothes…so FUN and FABULOUS….and the store is going to look AMAZING!!!!! Can’t wait for grand opening…cheers!!!

  2. Beth

    So excited for all of you! Can’t wait to see HOS!

  3. If anyone can come up with a fresh, cool and hip idea and new store … it would be all of YOU! I cannot wait to see how it all comes together. Congrats to HOUSE OF STELLA! I will definitely be spreading the word!

  4. Marion

    So excited for all of you! Felicia, you have always been such a creative talent, I’m certain the girls take after you. I’ll be watching for the grand opening announcements!

  5. Leah Salem

    We are so excited. RSVP to grand opening, 2.

  6. Kathy Scherer

    So happy for all of you, can’t wait to the decorating part is underway. I will be your best customer!!

  7. Reeeeegby


  8. Remza

    Looking forward to the Grand Opening!!!!! I am so proud of everybody! Especially Stella. = ^ .^=

  9. Anonymous

    Stacy, I will bring my daughter to your store when she visits me from Myrtle Beach! She will love it!

  10. Are you guys hiring?????? :)

  11. Not at this time, sorry! Right now its only our family volunteering.

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