Las Vegas Apparel Mart

My sister Alex and I traveled to Las Vegas this weekend to attend the Magic apparel market and it was beyond marvelous. We headed to Project and the Pool Tradeshow the first day to begin our fall and spring buying for the store. A common theme I saw over and over was pure 90’s style which I am OK with since I grew up then watching Clueless and Empire Records and to me that is the epitome of my style. It is a good blend of girly as well as not giving a crap at the same time. Fashion is all about balance, at least that is my philosophy. One of the first booths we walked into was the Jeffrey Campbell booth. I can’t tell you how much I die every time I go in there. There are racks lining the booth filled with shoes and three huge tables piled high with the latest Jeffrey Campbell styles. My sister took a picture of the booth and got reprimanded by Jeffrey himself. However, as an apology we bought 7 styles of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for the store. The other highlight of the trip was witnessing the buyers from Nastygal and Solestruck (two widely popular online stores) buying the same things I was and even sneakily taking the clothing I pulled for my own collection. There’s my validation right there.

The second day we went to MAGIC. The brands there are  a little bit less expensive but they fit a wider variety of people. To me the highlight of that show was the designer from The Classic telling me he was going to knock off the Wildfox sweater I was wearing for his next collection. That’s “fashion” for you I guess. With all of that said the clothing you will be seeing from us for fall and spring is going to be a bit on the edgy side but I also found cute staple dresses and separates for my everyday lady as well. Once again “Like” us on facebook to see all of the newest additions to our store and tell me what you think!


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